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Thanksgiving services

On Monday 4 March 2024, the RNLI marked its 200th anniversary, 200 years of lifesaving that has seen over 144,000 lives being saved. That has all been possible because of people like you, and the RNLI One Crew. Since the 4 March, many Thanksgiving Services have been held across our RNLI communities in honour of our 200th anniversary.

Each service commemorated those who have gone before us; celebrated our incredible volunteers of today; and inspired the next generation of lifesavers.

Westminster Thanksgiving Service

The Westminster Thanksgiving Service was held on the 4 March 2024 - provided by Westminster Abbey.

An RNLI representative from every RNLI community was invited to come together for this special moment in London, which incidentally took place at the same time the RNLI founding papers were signed back in 1824. The service itself was choreographed by both the RNLI and Westminster and was designed to commemorate all that has come before, celebrate the lifesavers of today and inspire the next generation who will continue lifesaving for many years to come.

There were moments that represented all the RNLI regions and countries, all of the various people that came together to form the One Crew, and there were also some very special readings and poems that brought the lifesaving story to life.

The RNLI is extremely grateful to the 200 Club members and for the generous legacy of Richard Colton, all of whom have kindly helped support our 200th anniversary programme of events.

Llandaff Thanksgiving Service

On Saturday 27 April 2024, Llandaff Cathedral in Wales hosted a Thanksgiving service honouring 200 years of the RNLI saving lives at sea. You can watch back the Llandaff recording on YouTube.

York Minster Service of Thanksgiving

The special service of thanksgiving held at York Minster took place on the 20 April. You can watch back the York Minster recording on YouTube.

Glasgow Thanksgiving Service

On 10 March 2024, Glasgow Cathedral hosted a Thanksgiving service honouring 200 years of the RNLI saving lives at sea. This was attended by volunteers from across Scotland, members of the public, and local dignitaries. During this service, we heard the extra verse of Eternal Father written for the RNLI by Richard J MacDonald, a crewmember at Anstruther.