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How you helped last year

In a year of extreme weather, 2013 was a very busy year for our lifesavers.

They faced the coldest Spring since 1962, the hottest Summer for 7 years and the windiest December since 1993.*

But thanks to people like you, our lifeboat crews and lifeguards were able to answer the call. 

Last year our volunteer lifeboat crews launched 8,304 times around the coast of the UK and Ireland, rescuing 8,384 people and saving 325 lives people who wouldn't have survived had we not been there. 

Our lifeguards responded to 19,594 incidents, rescuing 1,567 people and saving 100 lives. We'll never know how many more tragedies they prevented through warnings and advice. 

And our flood rescue teams in North Wales rescued 25 people trapped in their homes after a severe storm surge caused coastal flooding.  

We couldn't do it without you

We rely on dedicated volunteers and supporters to operate our lifesaving service.

Your support today will help train and equip our lifesavers so that they're ready for anything, including the weather.  

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* UK Met Office statistics