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The All-weather Lifeboat Centre

RNLI Open Weekend at the newly opened All-Weather Lifeboat Centre (ALC) at RNLI headquarters in Poole.

We pledged to provide every all-weather lifeboat crew with a 25-knot lifeboat by 2019. This means we will require at least 50 new Shannon class lifeboats in the next phase of saving lives at sea. We will build six all-weather lifeboats every year, as well as maintain our existing fleet.

So, to make this happen, we constructed a brand new All-weather Lifeboat Centre (ALC) at our headquarters in Poole, Dorset.

The facility brings every stage of the lifeboat building process under one roof, ensuring that we are fully equipped to build the next generation of lifeboats.

Key features of the ALC:

• two boat halls with flexible bays for manufacturing and maintaining lifeboats

• component manufacturing area 

• launch, recovery and boat storage area

• paint preparation area with built in extraction system and heat curing facility 

• workshop for supporting our inshore training fleet

• office facilities 

• tools and equipment storage

• visitors’ viewing area.