Respect the Water: Test your instinct

This simple, short exercise gives the students an idea of the lifesaving differences between fighting against cold water and floating to live.

  • 10 minutes
  • Optional: speakers
  • Stop and think
  • Float

In this exercise, you’ll tell a story about an issue that’s relevant to your students, such as peer pressure, before suddenly shifting the focus to the Float to Live message.

The average temperature of British and Irish coastal waters is 12-15ºC, cold enough to cause cold water shock.

When people fall into cold water unexpectedly, their instincts tell them to swim hard and fight against it. But when people fight it, chances are, they’ll drown. Instead, they should fight their instincts, not the water, and remember to float - for just a short time, until they can regain control of their breathing.

Help save lives. Find out how to float to live.