Teach survival in cold water

Our free education resources will help you teach your students how to survive if they get into danger in water.

This summer, you can help prevent drowning using our free education resources for students aged 11-16. To help teach survival in cold water, you’ll find a video and three short activity ideas below.

These resources will help you to engage your students and bring to life a simple but lifesaving message.

The average temperature of British and Irish coastal waters is 12-15ºC, cold enough to cause cold water shock.

When people fall into cold water unexpectedly, their instincts tell them to swim hard and fight against it. But when people fight it, chances are, they’ll drown. Instead, they should fight their instincts, not the water, and remember to float - for just a short time, until they can regain control of their breathing.

Help save lives. Find out how to float to live.

Free education resources

  • Lifeguard floating on the surface of water

    Download PDF - 228KB

    Fight or float? – 5 minute activity
  • Lifeguard explaining fight your instincts, float to live.

    Download PDF - 257KB 

    Test your instinct – 10 minute activity
  • Red and yellow lifeguard flags on the beach.

    Download PDF - 329KB 

    Your perfect getaway – 20 minute activity