Notice something different?

The Volunteer Zone has had a refresh! 

Portishead RNLI volunteers, from left to right: Scott Eggins - Deputy Lifeboat Press Officer, Sue Weston - Shop Manager, Jon Colwill - Shore Crew and former crew member, Peggy Gittings - Fundraiser and Shop Volunteer), Adam Weston - Helm, Mike Povey - Education Volunteer and Emma Tilke - Crew Member.

Photo: RNLI / Nathan Williams

Portishead RNLI volunteers of a variety of roles, including a shop manager, deputy lifeboat press officer, education volunteer, shore crew member, helm, crew member and fundraising volunteer. 

The Volunteer Zone has had a refresh to help you raise money, share safety messages and find resources to support you in your role at the RNLI. 

With the support of the RNLI’s Volunteer Feedback Group, we’ve simplified the structure, updated some of the resources, and included useful links to other areas of our website where you can find information to share with your community. 

What’s on the Volunteer Zone? 

On the Volunteer Zone, you can find: 

  • The latest news and updates for everyone at the RNLI 
  • RNLI policies, guides and resources
  • Support for raising money 
  • Support for sharing safety messages 
  • Resources and guidance for volunteer managers 
  • Information about learning, wellbeing and benefits 
  • Recognition and volunteer awards 
  • Contact details for our volunteer support teams. 

Using the Volunteer Zone 

Take a look around the refreshed site and explore some of the changes. All the policies and guides that were here before are still available, but if you have any trouble finding something you can ask your volunteer manager or get in touch with the Volunteer Experience Team. 

Top tips for using the Volunteer Zone 

If you are an operational volunteer, please continue to log in to Horizon using your RNLI email address and password for operational notices and news.  

Feedback wanted! 

Your Internal Communications Team would love to know what you think of the refreshed Volunteer Zone. Please get in touch at to share your feedback.

Thank you for everything you do for the RNLI. We hope the refreshed Volunteer Zone makes it easier than ever to carry out your vital role in saving lives at sea.