It’s the final countdown for opting in

The third and final wave of the opt-in campaign launches today as we contact our supporters directly a final time to ask if they will opt in to stay in touch with us in the future.

388,155 people have opted in to at least one channelGoing into this phase we can share with you the fantastic news that over 388,000 people have opted in already and with your help this number will increase.

Keeping our promises

The RNLI has promised that from 1 January 2017 we won’t contact people by post, email or phone unless they’ve given us their express permission to do so. This means that it’s very important that our supporters get the chance to opt-in if they want to. 

We know that giving our supporters control over how we contact them is the right thing to do as we build trust with them. The RNLI is proud to be leading the way in the charity sector as we make changes to the way we contact people and ask for support.  

Raising awareness

In this part of the campaign we will be raising awareness by sending out letters and emails to supporters on our database who haven’t yet opted in, working with the media to raise awareness and asking our social media followers to share our opt-in videos, blogs and stories.

We all have our part to play in wave three of the campaign, whatever your role at the RNLI. Both staff members and volunteers can encourage everyone they contact locally to opt in and support our campaign so that they can hear from us in the future. To spread the word you can go to our opt-in social media tool kit, to share our videos, Facebook posts, tweets, or create your own tweets and blog posts and point people towards our opt-in website.

The RNLI’s Head of Lifesaving, Will Stephens said:

‘We believe that moving to an opt in approach is the right thing to do. The respect and trust of our supporters is of upmost importance to us. By opting in to hear from us, our supporters will continue to hear rescue stories of the lifesaving work carried out by RNLI volunteers every day. Passing on the amazing work that the RNLI carries out has never been more important.’

If you don’t yet know how opt-in will affect you, then speak to your line manager or visit this Porthole today. 

Opt-in snap-shot of those who have opted in

66% said we could contact them by post

53% Said we could contact them by email

7% Said we could contact them by phone