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Launch a Memory this autumn

Find out the plans for the next Launch a Memory lifeboat which will proudly carry the names of 10,000 loved ones.

Campaign imagery for the latest Launch a Memory campaign

Photo: RNLI

Launch a Memory, a unique and special way to remember a loved one, is back with a new campaign this month giving supporters the opportunity to add the name of someone close to them to the decal of the Shannon class 13-40 lifeboat Eric’s Legend.

For the first time, supporters will be adding the names of their loved ones to a lifeboat belonging to the RNLI relief fleet. Rather than serving one lifeboat station in a fixed location, Eric’s Legend could be called into action at a moment’s notice to provide cover at a station whose own boat needs routine maintenance or repair. The RNLI relief fleet ensures that our charity can continue to provide a 24-hour lifesaving service.

Eric’s Legend was built after a generous donation was gifted to our charity by Jean Cass in memory of her late husband Eric, after he died in 2018. It was this generous gift, as well as donations to the RNLI’s Christmas Appeal and a legacy from supporter Barbara Barett, that allowed Eric’s Legend to be added to the RNLI’s relief fleet.

After the success of previous Launch a Memory campaigns for Invergordon, Clifden, Wells, Anstruther and Whitby, which have collectively raised almost £3.5 million, the sixth Launch a Memory campaign aims to raise £500,000.

I would like to add my loved one’s name to Eric’s Legend

To add a loved one’s name to the latest Launch a Memory lifeboat, head to the RNLI website and donate through the Launch a Memory page. You will receive a confirmation email and a digital certificate will be emailed to you within 48 hours.

If you opt-in, you will receive regular updates by email about the campaign. If you have donated to a previous Launch a Memory campaign, you will continue to get update emails for each boat you have added a name to. You can opt out of email updates at any time.