Changes to our Privacy Policy

The RNLI has made some changes to our Privacy Policy as part of a regular review to ensure the policy is up-to-date and transparent.

RNLI flag blowing in the wind

Photo: RNLI

Most recently, we have updated the policy to clearly explain how we want to reach out to new supporters and give existing supporters the best journey that is most relevant to them.

Why do we need to change the policy?

We have some ambitious fundraising goals over the next few years so we can continue to run our lifesaving services, and we need to find more opportunities to inspire new supporters.

As part of our fundraising strategy, the Philanthropy Team build relationships with major donors, who generously donate five, six and seven figure gifts to the RNLI.

The team currently raises between £3M and £5M each year, but is currently only able to be introduced to donors through a referral or when potential supporters reach out to the RNLI to make an enquiry. Our old privacy policy limited the team from proactively undertaking research to identify and reach out to philanthropists who may be interested to learn more about our cause.

How will the Privacy Policy change?

Philanthropy fundraising relies on the team building trusted, personal one-to-one relationships with our wonderful donors. We want them to feel connected and inspired by our charity, and like they are an important part of the RNLI family.

But before we can do this, we need to be able to identify potential major donors, and research if it would be suitable to approach them. We therefore need to process the personal data we hold on our supporters in different ways, and carry out different types of research on this data.

This isn’t anything new for major charities or organisations, but we want to be fully transparent and make sure we continue to comply with Data Protection legislation. Therefore, we have made some changes to the RNLI’s Privacy Policy so we’re providing clear and transparent information to our supporters about the use of their data.

You can read the updated Privacy Policy on our website.

How are we notifying supporters about this change?

We have been notifying supporters through a number of ways, including adding information to supporter emails, via Lifeboat magazine, a banner across the top of and amending the data collection form for Council Members and Trustees.

What do you say if a supporter asks you about this change?

Please be open and talk about the reasons why, based on what is explained above. We want to be open with everyone, so it’s important supporters understand this change. If you’re not comfortable explaining the change, or if anyone you speak to would like to find out a bit more, then please direct them to our Supporter Experience Team: 

  • 0300 300 9990 (from the UK)
  • 01 511 9836 (from Ireland).

Do you have any questions?

If you have any questions please email [email protected].