Volunteer survey - read the results

In the autumn of 2021, all volunteers were invited to take part in the One Crew: Your View volunteer survey. Read the results here.

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In Our Watch we said we want all volunteers and staff to love being part of the RNLI and feel inspired to do their best to take our charity forward. 

In the autumn of 2021, the One Crew: Your View volunteer survey was open to all volunteers. The aim was to understand the views of our volunteers and to improve the overall experience for volunteers.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to share their thoughts and views in the survey – a total of 3,410 volunteers from a range of roles completed the survey. This feedback will help the organisation to understand the priorities of volunteers and focus our efforts on what matters most.

What did the survey say?

In summary, the results were very positive and told us that our volunteers are highly engaged (91%) and satisfied with their overall volunteering experience (88%). Volunteer engagement is a measure of how likely volunteers are to speak well of the RNLI, continue volunteering at the RNLI and to feel a sense of achievement.

There are regional and role variations in responses and these results are available here: 

All RNLI volunteers

Lifeboat station volunteers

Water safety volunteers

Lifeboat press officers

Shops and visits volunteers 

Fundraising and events volunteers 

Heritage volunteers

Regional reports 


What happens now?

While the results of the survey are encouraging, it has shown us where efforts need to be focused for the year ahead. Your feedback highlighted that we need to continue to focus on improving how we communicate with our volunteers and improving our training provision. 

Here are some of the ways we are improving how we communicate with you: 

  • Upgrading our network and phone connectivity to all lifeboat stations and lifeguard units. This work is ongoing in 2022 and is essential to lay the foundations we need to communicate more easily.
  • Reviewing the way we manage the data we hold for our volunteers. We are creating a single view of all data for volunteers across the institution and an easy mechanism by which you can update your information in one place.
  • Talking to volunteers to understand your communication preferences.

Here are some of the ways we are improving our training provision:

  • Updating the Operational Competency Framework so it’s simple and easier to use.
  • Launching a new learning management system to improve access to learning materials.
  • Continuing our programme of e-learning, webinars and video training materials. 
  • Providing external qualifications and certificates. 
  • Investing in our network of Local Trainer Assessors, and increasing capacity for crew emergency procedures at the RNLI College.
  • Further upskilling our Launch Authority volunteers.
  • Recruiting more trainers to support regional teams.   
  • Providing sea survival training at the National Maritime College of Ireland in Cork.
  • Providing training for engagement and fundraising volunteers. 

The results have also shown that what’s important to volunteers varies between different volunteer roles, and highlights what regional leadership teams and volunteer managers can now do to support local improvements within their teams. 

Volunteer managers are aiming to talk to you about these results to get your thoughts and discuss ideas about how to improve your experience as a volunteer. 

If you manage volunteers, there is a toolkit to help you talk to your teams about the results and plan any local improvements. View the Volunteer Manager Toolkit. 

If you have any questions please talk to your manager or email [email protected]