Requests for Long Service Awards are now open

Volunteer managers are now able to request Long Service Awards for volunteers in their area who are eligible for their Long Service award in 2022.  

Lifeboat Volunteer with Long Service Awards

Photo: Llandudno RNLI

The RNLI is very proud to have such incredible volunteers and we recognise their commitment and service with Long Service Awards.  

These awards highlight the unwavering dedication to saving lives at sea over many decades, volunteering together with passion, talent and kindness, like generations of lifesavers before us. 

We recognised 730 volunteers with a Long Service Award in 2021. Altogether, that’s an incredible 20,080 years of service, and although some of our award recipients are no longer with us, their selfless service to the RNLI will always be remembered.  

This year’s awards 

We are excited to say that the requests for Long Service Awards in 2022 are now open for any volunteer who is reaching an anniversary in 2022. We are currently asking for anyone reaching a 20-year milestone or over to be put forward (we recognise service at 10-year increments). 

How to request an award

Anyone who manages volunteers in a staff or volunteer capacity (including shop managers, branch chairs, LOMs) can put people forward for an award. If you would like to request an award for eligible volunteers, please visit the recognition and awards page.  

If you have any questions regarding these awards or the process, please contact the Volunteer Recognition Team at [email protected]

The deadline for making requests is 25 February 2022. Unfortunately, we are not able to action any long service requests past this date, so please do make your requests before the deadline.  

We are currently developing a number of awards to recognise service at various milestones and we look forward to sharing updates on this soon.