RNLI Factsheet now available

Download the 2021 RNLI Factsheet to use alongside Loud and Clear. 

A Shannon Class lifeboat is at sea with heavy waves crashing around it.

Photo: RNLI / Nigel Millard.

The RNLI Factsheet 2021 is now available alongside the latest versions of Loud and Clear. 

Loud and Clear is packed full of useful facts, messages and the latest RNLI statistics that are great for using when preparing for media interviews, talking to supporters or the general public about the RNLI.

The RNLI Factsheet includes more detailed information about the various aspects of our lifesaving service. 

These resources are useful for preparing for media interviews, conversation starters, can help you update presentations and materials in your region with the latest stats and facts. These resources are documents for RNLI volunteers, so please don’t hand them out as marketing material or share them on social media pages. 

Where can I download these resources? 

These resources can also be downloaded from the policies and guides section of the Volunteer Zone. You can also download copies below:

RNLI Factsheet (UK and Ireland): 

Loud and Clear Ireland: 

Loud and Clear UK: 

Talking loud and clear this summer 

We hope these resources help you to talk about our lifesaving work with supporters, partners, family and friends, however if you have any questions, please speak to your RNLI manager. 

If you are a volunteer manager, you could arrange a video call with volunteers in your area to talk about how they can use the resources to shape your messages this summer. You could also print either the A4 or A3 versions of Loud and Clear to share a poster in your shop, station, museum or visitor centre to help other volunteers in your team get familiar with the messages. 

If you have any questions or need any support, you can use the RNLI’s How to Talk About Guide (PDF – 156 KB) for more information about certain topics, speak to your RNLI manager or get in touch with the Internal Communications Team

Thank you for everything you do to share the lifesaving work of the RNLI with your community to help the RNLI save lives at sea.