The Race Equality Network

The latest network to join at the RNLI. 

A group of hands on top each other showing a range of ethnicities

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The Black Lives Matter movement catapulted race equality to the forefront of everyone's mind and has opened the world's eyes to the struggles those from an ethnic minority background face daily. 

The movement has not been easy for those from an ethnic minority background and has left many feeling drained and vulnerable. That is why the new Race Equality Network at the RNLI is first and foremost a safe space. 

About the network

The Race Equality Network will be a space to connect, to share, to be seen and to be heard – safely. 

In addition to this, the Race Equality Network is an opportunity to help create real change in our organisational policy and ensure that race equality is a focus throughout our charity. 

We have an opportunity to amplify ethnic minority voices across the RNLI and ensure there is representation from the community when decisions are being made.

Who is the network for?

At this early stage, we want to open the network up to everyone. However, there will be times when ethnic minority members will need the space and sanctuary to meet separately. 

Although you might not be from an ethnic minority background yourself, you can join the network as an ally. While you may learn through being a part of the group and hearing lived experiences, please do not join expecting training. Instead, join expecting to be a part of change within the RNLI.

What can I expect?

No plans are set in stone yet, but we hope to run a range of different activities when we get started. 

From social gatherings within the network, to events and webinars that allow us to hear from prominent minority voices both internally and externally from the RNLI.

Finally, we will work together to ensure we have a voice in policy and organisational decisions.

How do I get involved?

The network can be whatever you want and need it to be, so please reach out. If you don’t feel comfortable joining the group but would like to connect either to share an experience in a safe place or just discuss the subject more, we would still love to hear from you. 

For more information and to join please email Megan Manneh, Events Manager and Chair of the Race Equality Network, at [email protected].