We’re keen to hear from you about our International work

I’m keen to hear your views on our International work.

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The RNLI’s international work is an important part of the future direction of the RNLI, and we are beginning to see exciting results. International advocacy is growing, and we are working with partner organisations to grow interest and introduce a range of drowning reduction solutions in different countries.

However, our international work is not as well-known as our work in the UK and Ireland, and one of the best ways of raising awareness is through our volunteers and staff. It is essential therefore that you know what we’re doing and why we’re doing it, and can act as advocates for all the RNLI’s activities, including international.

I’d therefore like to better understand what you think and feel about the RNLI’s international work, what you would like to know more about and how, so that we can deliver communications that meet your needs.

How I need your help:

Please take ten minutes to complete this simple questionnaire.

All answers that you give are confidential, so please be open and honest. If you have any problems accessing or completing the questionnaire, please email research@rnli.org.uk.

Thank you in advance, for taking the time to give your feedback. The questionnaire will be available until Tuesday 2 May. Results will be used to help us shape our future communications with you, and you’ll hear and see more in the year ahead.

James Vaughan
International Director