St Helier is back on service

You will have seen the news over the weekend regarding St Helier Lifeboat Station. Understandably many of you are concerned about the situation with the station and your fellow staff and volunteers. Here is an update with as much information that can be shared at the moment.

St Helier Lifeboat Station, Jersey

Nigel Millard

On Thursday, after a serious breakdown in communication and breaches of the RNLI’s Volunteer Code of Conduct, the RNLI asked the volunteer coxswain at St Helier lifeboat station to stand down with immediate effect. Subsequently, other volunteers chose to step down, which has forced the RNLI to declare the St Helier lifeboats off-service temporarily.

This was a difficult decision made by the operational team who are experienced mariners and have often served as lifeboat volunteers themselves for many years. You may be wondering if such action is necessary but just to reassure you, the RNLI does not take these decisions lightly and only stands down staff members or volunteers where it is believed that there is a serious risk to our ability to run a safe and effective lifesaving service. The safety of our volunteers and full time crew remains our number one priority.

The RNLI can now confirm that the All-weather lifeboat is back on service as other RNLI crew are providing temporary support to cover this area of Jersey. The RNLI is also continuing to appeal to the crew at St Helier who have chosen to step down to reconsider and return to their roles as soon as possible.

The RNLI recognises that this situation has caused a huge amount of concern within the Jersey community and among our fellow staff, volunteers and supporters. The RNLI also understands that the amount of information that we’re able to share can be frustrating for those of you who want to understand why this decision was made, but out of respect to the individuals involved in this confidential process the RNLI cannot go into any more detail at this time.