Community and social media

Chat and share ideas with other volunteers and find useful guidelines for your own RNLI social media profiles.

Chiswick crewmembers Omar Javed- and Martin Blaker-Rowe. Shot as part of the diversity photoshoot. Omar is an Accountant and Martin is Full Time Crew.

Photo: Nigel Millard

Chiswick crewmembers Omar Javed- and Martin Blaker-Rowe

Chat and share ideas with RNLI volunteers from around the UK and Ireland.

The RNLI Volunteers group on Facebook brings together volunteers of all kinds – from shop assistants to lifeboat crew, education presenters to volunteer lifeguards.

It gives us all a space to talk about what we love - saving lives at sea. And discussions can get pretty lively!

An RNLI staff member will stop by at least once a day, Monday to Friday, to answer questions and pass on updates.


Social Media Guidelines

If you’ve set up your own social media profiles for your lifeboat station or fundraising branch, we want to support you.

Our Social Media Guidelines will help you get the most from your online activity, as well as setting out how best to represent the RNLI.