Si and Nat's story

Si and Nat took on a challenging 28 day walk from their doorsteps in Portsmouth all the way to San Sebastian

Nat and Si on their fundraising journey

Photo: Nat and Si

Nat and Si raised enough money to equip one RNLI volunteer.

Why did you choose to fundraise for the RNLI?

We chose to fundraise for the RNLI as it is a charity close to our hearts – we have grown up by the sea in Plymouth and wanted to show our appreciation for a good cause that keeps us all safe at sea.

What’s your favourite thing about the RNLI?

Our favourite thing about the RNLI is that the members dedicate their lives to rescuing people at sea, regardless of their circumstance – the volunteers are inspiring.

Nat and Si on their fundraising journey

Photo: Nat and Si

Not even the rain could stop Nat and Si from completing the 535 mile walk!

What did you do to fundraise for the RNLI?

In April 2018, we walked from our doorsteps in Plymouth to the ferry port, then walked from Roscoff all the way to Plymouth’s twin city of San Sebastian in Spain. Altogether it was 535 miles on foot (which hurt!), camping for the majority of it – it took 28 days of actual walking to get there.

How much did you raise?

Our goal was to raise enough for equipping one RNLI volunteer – which was £1593 as one valuable and selfless crew member, with the right equipment, could save hundreds of lives. In total, we raised £1595.01.

Packing essentials laid out on a bed

Photo: Nat and Si

Plenty of planning and organisation went into Nat and Si’s walk from Plymouth to the city of San Sebastian in Spain.

What did you enjoy the most about fundraising for the RNLI?

It was a fantastic adventure and our journey through France showed us the kindness of strangers. A personal highlight was probably when we met two couples travelling on their canal boat through to Nantes; they were also from Plymouth (weird) and had previously been rescued by the RNLI (weirder) and shared their stories with us which was incredible. To top it off, the Plymouth lifeboat crew were all there to give us a warm welcome when we returned and also gave us a tour on the lifeboat to say thank you.

Nat and Si on their fundraising journey

Photo: Nat and Si

All smiles from Nat and Si during their walking adventures.

Do you have any top tips for fundraising?

First, get the message out. Second, draw on support from family, friends and colleagues – they’ll become your own cheer team! And last, remember why you are doing it. As hard as the challenge you set might be, aim high with your expectations because you may just surprise yourself.

What would you say to someone thinking about fundraising for the RNLI?

If you are thinking about fundraising for the RNLI, go for it! And raise some awareness for them too, the volunteers are fantastic people.