Josh’s story

Josh Crave and his friends entered the Red Bull Soapbox Race in memory of his grandad.

The Red Bull Soapbox team with their Baywatch themed cart

Josh Crave

Why did you choose to fundraise for the RNLI?

My grandad, who recently passed away, was in the navy and the proceeds from his funeral went to the RNLI. When we decided to enter the Red Bull Soapbox Race we wanted to raise money for a charity, and the RNLI and our Baywatch theme were a perfect match!

What’s your favourite thing about the RNLI?

We love the sense of community within the RNLI - we have had the privilege of speaking to many volunteers along the way so it’s great to hear how tight knit the group is. We also love that the RNLI look after and save so many people. I’m sure people do not realise just how many are saved every day.

What did your event involve?

We entered the Red Bull Soapbox Race at Alexandra Palace. Our theme was the Baywatch speedboat, which we made mostly from junk like old wheelbarrow wheels.

How did it go on the day?

The weekend was amazing. We were so nervous and worried about our quirky steering, broom-handle brakes and slightly dodgy rear wheel.

We must have been asked to take a thousand photos and were very well received - so many people said they loved our theme or knew someone at the RNLI - so we had a great time showing off! We got a lot of praise for our soapbox too.  It was rough and ready but I think people liked that.

We then had to get ready for the race. Before everyone raced we had to do a 10 second show to music (the Baywatch theme tune for us) - we got scores of 8 from each judge and the crowd loved it! Then we jumped in, I was at the front operating the brake and Chris was driving at the back. We were pushed off the ramp and we were off …

But then - and we have no idea why - our two front wheels came off. We didn’t even make the first ramp but somehow our front wheels did! The front wheels were the only part we spent money on and the only part we were not worried about.

I think it will take us a long time to get over the wheels coming off, I keep getting flashbacks! Still, we were so proud to hit our target and we had an absolute ball doing it.

Supporters of the Baywatch cart at the Red Bull Soapbox Race

Josh Crave

Josh and his crew had a great bunch of supporters on the sidelines

How much did you raise?

In our application to Red Bull we pledged to raise £1,000 for the RNLI, and we hit our target on the day of the race. We were so excited to reach this goal and have since raised £1,102 and counting. 

What did you enjoy the most about fundraising for the RNLI?

We loved the messages of support from everyone - so many people loved that we were raising money for such a great cause.

What’s your top tip for fundraising?

Don’t be afraid to ask, promote, ask again and keep promoting - people love updates and pictures of progress. We also included stories of rescues by the RNLI including, one where a volunteer saved a 1-year-old child. I am sure this really helped.

What would you say to someone thinking about fundraising for the RNLI?

No matter what you are doing to raise money for the RNLI, let everyone know and be proud of whatever you achieve. It's a great charity, they need the support and any amount of money you raise will be of great value.