What can a gift in your Will do?

A gift in your Will could provide the training, kit and lifeboats that keep a volunteer crew member like Adam Bancroft safe whenever he is called upon to rescue someone on London’s busy River Thames.
Tower RNLI Crew Member Adam Bancroft with his wife Paula, who was also a Crew Member at Tower for over 10 years

Photo: Nathan Williams

Tower RNLI Crew Member Adam Bancroft with his wife Paula

It’s not just 19,000 miles of coastline that our lifeboats cover. Tower Lifeboat Station on the River Thames is our busiest station with the highest number of launches to rescue people in trouble every year.

That’s why a lifeboat crew has to be available to launch 24/7, rather than be on call 24/7 like our lifeboat crews at the coast.

Ordinary people doing extraordinary things

Husband and wife paramedics, Adam and Paula Bancroft, used to take their shifts in turn as lifeboat volunteers at Tower, while bringing up a family too.

After more than 10 years of saving lives on the Thames, Paula hung up her kit to concentrate on looking after their family. But with Adam still on the crew, the RNLI remains a big part of their lives. 

‘Paula used to do two 12-hour shifts back-to back while I stayed at home looking after the children. Then we’d swap roles for the next time.

'Working the Thames can be pretty full on. We see as much major trauma as your average ambulance crew. It’s only because I know what’s involved that my mind was at rest when Paula was away. She was always in good hands because our training is the best.’

‘I never feel worried when Adam is away on a shift - it’s more like jealousy! As paramedics, we’re used to dealing with tough situations and have huge respect for each other’s skills.

‘The RNLI is a big part of our lives so the setup we had felt normal. We used to write ‘Bancroft’ on the station rota and surprise our crewmates with which one of us it would be!’

After you’ve looked after family and friends, please consider the RNLI

Putting a gift in your Will to the RNLI doesn’t mean neglecting your family and friends. Of course they come first.

But if there is any room for a legacy to the RNLI, please think about lifeboat volunteers like Adam Bancroft and his family.

It doesn’t matter how much you can give; they need people like you behind them.