“Capacity Marketing for Charities” Terms and Conditions for Free Wills Month (FWM) Campaign

If you decide to take part in the Free Wills Month, you will be accepting the following terms and conditions stipulated by the Capacity Marketing for Charities1. Free Wills Month will pay for a simple Will to be written for you, where 'simple' is defined by the drafting solicitor. Simple mirror Wills qualify under the same terms.

1. Free Wills Month will pay for a simple Will to be written for you, where 'simple' is defined by the drafting solicitor. Simple mirror Wills qualify under the same terms.

2. Your Will will be drawn up according to your instructions to the solicitor. In accordance with The Solicitors’ Introduction & Referral Code 1990, published by the Law Society, the solicitor will act exclusively in the interests of you the client(s); they are free to advise you impartially; and they will keep your instructions confidential except where you authorise disclosure of certain information on the Confidential Declaration Form  that you sign at the time of drawing up your Will. 

3. FWM has imposed no restriction or requirement whatsoever as to the contents of Wills that the solicitor draws up under the FWM campaign.

4. So that FWM is authorised to pay the legal fee for drawing up your Will, you will need to sign the Confidential Declaration Form bearing the reference to the solicitor's invoice. You accept that, in order to pay the fee, all sections of the Declaration are completed, and signed by you as client(s). In accordance with guidance from the Fundraising Regulator and the Charity Commission, inclusion of a legacy to any of the FWM charities in a Will paid for by FWM is not a condition of the legal fee being paid.

5. FWM will redeem each Confidential Declaration Form at rates agreed with the solicitors for a simple Will and for simple mirror Wills. Should the solicitor find, during the drawing up of a Will (or mirror Wills), that the task is more complicated than expected, they may ask you to pay the difference between the fee for a simple Will and the actual fee for the extra work required.

6. All solicitors taking part in Free Wills Month are members of the Law Society of England & Wales and are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. Capacity Marketing For Charities, which manages Free Wills Month on behalf of the charities, and each of the Free Wills Month charities, are registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office under the Data Protection Act 2018.

7. For administrative purposes Capacity will forward information you have supplied on this form to any participating charity that you have included in your Will. As the information you supply affects the distribution of your estate sometime in the future, it is stored in an encrypted form until such time as it is no longer of use to your executors at which time it will be securely disposed of – technical details of storage and disposal are available on request.

These terms do not affect your right to access the information, to request its erasure or to restrict use of it. Capacity does not sell your information nor does it share it with any third party beyond the participating charity(ies) you have remembered in your Will. Capacity’s privacy policy can be found at www.freewillsmonth.org.uk/privacypolicy.

You have the right to complain about the handling of your personal data to the supervisory authority appointed by the UK Government.

8. In this document, ‘Will’ should be construed as ‘Wills’ where mirror Wills are prepared.

9. Certainty - The National Will Register are offering users of Free Wills Month the opportunity to register the location of their Wills free of charge (usually £36). Certainty don't receive a copy of the Will. Locating your Will can be time-sensitive especially with regards to funeral arrangements so it is worth taking a minute to sign up. Just visit findawill.com/freewillsmonth and enter the code fwm1 when asked.

If you have any questions, please contact 0300 300 0124 or legacy_enquiry@rnli.org.uk.