Wells appeal

The crew at Wells Lifeboat Station need your help to fund vital refurbishments, ensuring their lifesaving service can continue - now and in the future.
Wells appeal
Wells Lifeboat Station

Thanks to the generous support of their friends and community, Wells RNLI volunteers are expecting the arrival of a new Shannon class lifeboat. Unfortunately, this means the old station just isn’t fit for purpose any more.

To maintain a safe, efficient lifesaving service, repairs and renovations are urgently needed.

With your help, we can provide the crew with a new boat hall, launch ramp and mechanic's workshop so that they can safely - and quickly - launch and recover their new Shannon.

We'll also add a new training room, changing rooms and washing facilities. And new sea defences will protect the station against harsh winters, strong winds and powerful waves.

What it means to the crew

Lifeboat Operations Manager Chris Hardy says: ‘Our boathouse is over 100-years-old. Not only is it unable to accommodate the Shannon, but the crew are shoehorned into a very small area. Our facilities are rudimentary, but a new boathouse would bring a new dimension. For the crew to have a proper area to coordinate our shouts, to have a space for vital training, a galley, showers and proper workshops … it’s something we’ve dreamed about for years!

‘The boathouse will also provide accessibility for the public to come and visit us. A new station will allow us to showcase the new lifeboat, and will let us meet our supporters.’