Your caring gift keeps the crew safe

Our crews are prepared to face the toughest of conditions, all to save someone they’ve never met. As you read this, the volunteers are on call, ready to launch, day or night, rain or shine.

They can’t save lives without your help. They need the kit and training that keeps them ready. That’s what will get them through each rescue. It’s your kindness that helps them save lives, and get home safe to their families. 

Crew bracing themselves on the deck of a lifeboat in stormy weather.

RNLI/Nigel Millard

You can help give the crew the kit and training they need to stay safe, come rain or shine.

Your donation makes you a lifesaver too

We’re grateful for any support you can give in the face of uncertainty. The need for our lifesaving service is increasing – the weather’s unpredictable, there’s been a surge in staycations and this year is expected to be our busiest ever.

That means our lifesavers must be better prepared than ever, with protective gear, well-maintained equipment and up-to-date training. And because the RNLI is a charity, that means we depend on people like you – our fellow lifesavers. 

KIT Wears out

LIFEBOATS Need maintenance

CREWS Need training

KINDNESS Keeps crews safe

If you've got any questions about our appeal, or would like to donate by phone, please call our Supporter Experience Team on 0300 300 9907 (from the UK) or 01 511 9833 (from Ireland) on weekdays, 8am–6pm.

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