Bridlington lifeguard appeal

Will you help us raise £35,000 to fund our lifeguards at Bridlington this year?
A lifeguard holding a red and yellow flag

Photo: Nigel Millard

RNLI lifeguards are an essential part of our rescue service. In 2017, they patrolled over 249 beaches across the UK and Channel Islands, helping 15,558 people.

Help them save lives

Our lifeguards are fit, strong, and highly trained in rescue and first aid. They can swim 200m in under 3½ minutes and run 200m on the sand in less than 40 seconds.

They’re vigilant, able to prevent accidents before they happen. They monitor sea conditions and set up the appropriate flags, watch the people on the beach and offer safety advice both on the beach and in classrooms through our education programmes. And, when someone’s in trouble, they’re first on hand to help. 

Thank you for donating to the Bridlington Lifeguard Appeal. By doing so, you are saving the lives of people using our beaches.
Dave Brant
Lifeguard Supervisor, Bridlington

Your donation will ensure that our lifeguards get the training, equipment and support they need to keep people safe. It costs £673 a year to train one lifeguard – their training and skill can mean the difference between a great day on the beach, and tragedy.

Help our lifeguards at Bridlington continue to save lives.