Blackpool Lifeboat appeal

Will you join this busy, lifesaving community by helping our volunteers fund a new D class lifeboat?

The lifeboat crew at Blackpool have been saving lives off the north west coast for 155 years. Their current D Class lifeboats have been a remarkable part of this lifesaving history. But they are now reaching the end of their operational life.

Please help Blackpool lifeboat crew protect more families for generations to come by contributing towards the next D class – the community’s long-serving lifesaver.

Blackpool’s D Class lifeboat being recovered from the water during a training exercise

Photo: Nigel Millard

For over half a century, Blackpool lifeboat crew have been saving lives aboard a D class lifeboat

We can’t do it without you

In 2018 alone, Blackpool RNLI volunteers launched 109 times, making it the busiest lifeboat station in the North West. Thanks to the D class lifeboat, and the world class training your support helps to provide, together we reunited countless families in 2018.

The surf conditions in Blackpool are some of the wildest and roughest in England – and the D class is vital for manoeuvring through the strong swells to reach someone in trouble.

It costs £52,000 to fund a new D class. Your help towards this total can give our volunteers the new lifeboat they deserve – and will help them brave the elements to bring the next person home safely, for years to come.

What you will help send to sea

Little has changed in the D class’s shape since 1963, but the craft is now made of durable hypalon-coated polyester, and has the best possible technology onboard to aid lifesavers.

The latest software on the new Blackpool lifeboat will help the crew identify passing marine traffic and plan accordingly – saving crucial moments when lives are at stake.

How you can help – a message from Blackpool Helm Colin Lowe

‘Our D class lifeboats help us carry out lifesaving rescues at Blackpool, even in the trickiest of surf conditions. Without the unique capabilities of this class of lifeboat we simply couldn’t help the number of people that we do. ‘Whatever you can afford in helping us to replace our lifeboat, you’re helping to save lives. You’re part of every launch and every rescue that we do. You make it all possible.

‘Thank you from all of us at Blackpool Lifeboat Station.’

Your gift today will go towards funding a D class lifeboat. If we raise more than the £52,000 that we need, any extra will go towards funding our lifesaving work around the UK and Ireland. Thank you for your continued support and generosity.