We’re supporting Maritime Safety Week

At the RNLI safety never stops, so we are supporting Maritime Safety Week from 1 to 5 July. 
Maritime Safety Week Logo

Photo: Department for Transport 

This week is the Department for Transport’s Maritime Safety Week (1 to 5 July). The aim of this government initiative is to help reduce preventable deaths in the water - a vision which all of us at the RNLI share and are deeply passionate about. 

UK Maritime Minister, Nusrat Ghani MP, will be announcing some new safety initiatives over the next few days to help to bring this vision closer to reality. Maritime organisations across the UK are holding events and activities to raise awareness of maritime safety. 

From sailors and swimmers to dog walkers and beachgoers, it is important for all maritime users to know how to stay safe.

At the RNLI safety never stops. We know that we can only help others, if we keep ourselves safe first. It’s great to see other organisations recognising the importance of maritime safety for everyone. The Maritime Minister, Nusrat Ghani MP says: 

‘Keeping people safe on or around water is at the heart of everything we do. Maritime Safety Week is key to raising awareness of the amazing work that we and our partners, like the RNLI, are doing to reduce the number of deaths on our waters as quickly as possible.'

There are several ways that you can support your colleagues, friends and volunteers this week … 

1. Refresh your maritime safety knowledge 

If you are a sailor, kayaker, swimmer, beachgoer, dog walker or any other type of maritime user, make sure you check out our safety advice online. 

2. Help us make the RNLI a safer place

No matter what your role is, you can help make the RNLI a safer place. We are all responsible for helping to create an open environment where safety is our priority. Head of Maritime Delivery, Adrian Carey, shares his safety video, to help us all create a safer RNLI together. 

Maritime Safety doesn’t stop when you go home. You can share our safety messages with your friends and family too, to help them know what to do if they get into trouble by the water. Why not show them how to Float to Live, or find a local Swim Safe session for your family to take part in? 

3. Keep your eyes peeled and share great tips

Organisations across the UK will be taking part in activities and events for Maritime Safety Week, so keep a look out for the hashtags #martimesafetyweek and #maritimesafetymatters on social media to see what others are doing.  

Safety never stops at the RNLI 

So, please look after yourself and look out for one another, not just this week, but 24/7 – after all, you cannot save someone else’s life if you become the casualty.