My first 8 weeks at the helm of the RNLI

Mark Dowie is 8 weeks into his role as Chief Executive (CE) and he has had a fantastic first couple of months. 

He has visited lifeboat stations, branches and beaches, met many incredible people. He’s had hundreds of useful and insightful conversations. Drunk umpteen cups of coffee and spent many hours digesting, thinking and planning. 

When he started as CE, Mark had one perspective on the RNLI (as a Lifeboat Operations Manager) and so his first task was to really understand what’s needed and then act as quickly and effectively as possible.   

‘I haven’t heard or seen anything that has changed my initial impression. Most of the RNLI is great. But there is some that is noise, treacle and lack of focus. So, my next priority is to fix this as quickly as I can. Clear the blockages, use our opportunities better, get shot of the treacle, turn down the noise and give some real focus to our work.’ Mark Dowie

How you can play a part in the RNLI’s future

One of the most important aspects of what’s ahead is focusing on how the RNLI supports all its volunteers and continues to attract amazing fundraisers, lifesavers, educators and supporters for years to come. 

Please take time to help us improve how we support and invest in you. 

If you see a survey please fill it in, if you can see a better way of doing something, please suggest it and if you see a way to cut costs, please do it.

The RNLI is one family with the spirit of volunteering, commitment, bravery and selflessness that underpins all that we do. This is our identity and we need to protect it and invest in it.