Fred. Olsen donates £10,000 to help divers stay safe

Fred. Olsen makes a generous donation to help fund the RNLI’s Diver Health Kiosks.
Rachael Jackson, PR Manager at Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines, with a Diver Health Kiosk.

Photo: Fred. Olsen

Rachael Jackson, PR Manager at Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines, with a Diver Health Kiosk.

The RNLI has received a £10,000 donation from our long-standing partner Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines. This generous donation will be used towards funding mobile Diver Health Kiosks around the UK and Ireland this year. 

Diver Health Kiosks

The RNLI’s mobile Diver Health Kiosks guide users through a quick questionnaire about their lifestyle and give a free confidential health statement to divers, to help them understand their own health better before diving. 

Community Safety Manager Nick Fecher says: ‘A medical emergency when you’re mid-dive could prove fatal. Cardiac health can affect divers of any age, but our research shows that those most at risk are experienced male divers over the age of 45.’ 

‘So, with our Diving Health Kiosks, we’re encouraging divers to make their cardiac health a top priority. The kiosks are a useful starting point, but we also recommend that divers visit a healthcare professional if they have any reason to doubt their health to be able to dive safely. As a charity, we depend on donations and we’re so grateful for the generosity of Fred. Olsen and their guests.’ 
The Diver Health Kiosks will be going to dive shops, dive centres and dive shows all around the UK and Ireland. By providing the kiosks, we hope that experienced divers will make their cardiac health a priority and will do the necessary checks to ensure they are fit to dive.

The RNLI and Fred. Olsen

Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines has been supporting the RNLI for over 50 years. RNLI volunteer Howard Bell and his wife Poppy started fundraising onboard the cruise ships in the 1960’s and the relationship has grown since then.

During this time, the cruise line and its guests have generously funded five inshore lifeboats, including the Pride of Fred. Olsen Atlantic 85 lifeboat which they funded for the RNLI’s relief fleet in 2018. They have also funded three mobile training units, three seminar rooms at The College in Poole and the development and funding of three lifeboat launching trolleys.

Mike Rodwell, Managing Director of Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines, says: 'We are delighted to be able to pass on this sizeable donation to the RNLI, with whom Fred. Olsen has been working since the 1960’s. We are proud to be the RNLI’s longest-standing corporate partner and, in January this year, we celebrated the launch of the fifth RNLI lifeboat funded by our generous cruise guests.

'We are now turning our attention to funding the charity’s mobile Diver Health Kiosks, which we recognise will provide divers with a valuable and potentially life-saving resource in terms of being able to assess their health status and suitability before undertaking such strenuous diving activity.'

Do you know a diver? 

If you know someone who is passionate about diving, encourage them to make their cardiac health a priority too. 

You can also point them in the direction of our website for more advice about how to stay safe whilst diving, including recommended diving courses.