Be a visitor experience volunteer

Welcome people to our lifeboat stations and give inspiring guided tours.
Visitor experience volunteer for The Mumbles RNLI: Lifeboat Visits Officer Sid Wilkins

Photo: Connor Thomas

Lifeboat Visits Officer Sid Wilkins

At our lifeboat stations

Many of our lifeboat stations welcome visitors and our visitor experience teams give inspiring guided tours to young people and adult groups.

As a visitor experience volunteer, you’ll explain what happens at the station, promote the work of the RNLI and give vital water safety messages.

Volunteer roles include lifeboat visits officer and lifeboat visits guide. And at many stations there are opportunities to get involved with both visits and the station’s shop as a public engagement volunteer.

At our visitor centres

The locations of some of our stations make it difficult to welcome visitors. That’s where our visitor centres come in.

Run by teams of volunteers, these purpose-built interactive centres are free to visit and provide a fascinating insight into the work of the RNLI within the community.

They aim to inspire and engage current and future RNLI supporters, raise awareness of water safety and generate lifesaving funds.

So far we have two visitor centres - one in Dartmouth in support of Dart Lifeboat Station and one on Barry Island in support of Barry Dock Lifeboat Station.

Volunteer roles include visitor centre manager and visitor centre shop and visits guide.

 If you have any questions about volunteering for the RNLI, visit our FAQs page.


If you can't find a relevant role, contact our Volunteering Team to see if there are any other visitor experience volunteering opportunities.

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