Face-to-face fundraising FAQs 

Do you have any questions or concerns? Put your mind at rest by reading some of our most frequently asked questions about being an RNLI face-to-face fundraiser.

Yes, you do - just another perk of the job!

The purpose of face-to-face fundraising is to provide people with a reason to support the RNLI on a regular basis.

Generally, this is done by building good rapport with members of the public and then expanding their knowledge of our rescue services.

This should inspire them to support us. However, the fine art of turning people into supporters is what makes face-to-face fundraising a really enjoyable challenge.

Yes, full training and uniform is provided - so you'll be as ready as you’ll ever be by the time you start work on a beach. We have some of the best training in the sector and we're constantly improving it. There's really nothing to worry about - you'll see!

This is not like a typical sales job, but we do need to ensure our teams are productive, cost-effective and raise as much money as possible for the RNLI. You will be required to perform to a certain level, but you’ll be given lots of training and support to help you get there.

We invest heavily in our teams by providing fantastic training, support and coaching. And your manager is there to bring out the best in you, ensuring you’re always achieving in your role.

Yes, it's vital that the public can immediately identify you as an RNLI fundraiser. This is important so you don't get mistaken for lifeguards and to ensure you represent our highly regarded charity in a smart and professional manner.

As the saying goes: 'there's no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing', so we provide you with the correct gear to make sure you're comfortable in whatever the Summer can throw at you!

You will be in a team of 10-16 like-minded, young, energetic adults and students, all with a completely clear Summer to commit to the role. You will also have a number of senior fundraisers who will organise your day-to-day activity and a manager who will oversee the running of the campaign in your area.

As a team, you’ll be looking to have a great time as you develop and challenge yourselves, whilst contributing to an important cause: saving lives at sea.

Not a problem at all. We welcome anyone who is passionate, enthusiastic and outgoing, whether you’re at uni or not. If you like the look of what you've seen on this website, apply!

You must be 18 or over at the start of the season. This is due to safeguarding legislation. The RNLI has a statutory and moral duty to ensure that we safeguard and promote the welfare of children and young adults involved with RNLI activity. The UK's Children Act (1989) defines a child as a person under the age of 18. We are committed to protecting employees and volunteers.

Due to the nature of face-to-face fundraising roles, residential accommodation is often offered. As we are not able to provide wardens at these residential sites to ensure the welfare and safety of under-18s, we cannot guarantee a safe environment for children, as defined by the Children’s Act.

Although season dates are flexible, there are certain dates and a minimum amount of time when you will need to be available.

This includes:

  • interview dates in February 
  • training dates in June
  • 9 weeks across July and August.

The working hours are 10am-5pm, over a minimum of four days a week - including Saturday and Sunday. This is during July and August and selected weekends in June.

The beach campaign is weather dependent, so you will need to be flexible with your days off to optimise the best weather when the beaches are busiest. We will try to give you as much warning as possible.

Depending on the severity of the weather, you will either:

  • stay out on the beach
  • fundraise at an indoor venue, such as a family attraction or supermarket
  • take the day off and catch up when the weather improves.

We will always try to find you work.

We would strongly recommend that you don't. You will quickly find that face-to-face fundraising is very tiring.

Additionally, since you'll often work at events further afield, we can't guarantee you'll be back in time for an evening shift. The nature of this job means you will find it difficult to fit in other commitments and you'll probably find you'll just want to chill out or socialise with your team after work.

Likewise, days off are not fixed and this would cause difficulties for another employer.

You will be paid monthly via BACS transfer, so you must have an eligible UK or ROI bank account. This is something to consider when planning your expenses over the Summer!

Accommodation will be provided in all areas of the country. You will live in reasonable holiday accommodation in a location suitable for your area of work. The accommodation is not yours and must be treated with respect. Damage will have to be paid for.

Don’t worry: we try our hardest to place you in your preferred area!

Yes, of course you can. As long as you’re at work on time and are prepared to pay the costs of getting to work.

Yes you can. However, local accommodation parking restrictions may apply.

Not only will this job provide a substantial CV reference, but it will also develop your communication skills and confidence when talking to all types of people. Many fundraisers cite their entry into the jobs market to their work at the RNLI.

You will learn incredible advocacy skills, vital for any organisation, and finish the summer with a precise figure of how much money you have raised for the RNLI. You'll be helping to save lives at sea while having the best summer of your life - what could be more rewarding than that?

In addition to your hourly wage, you will be financially rewarded for high performance. We have found this is an excellent motivation for working hard, but also a way for us to recognise and reward your achievement.