Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA)

We’re very excited to be working with the GAA to keep communities safe near the water.

RNLI lifeboat stations and GAA clubs are at the centre of communities all around Ireland – and have been for more than a century. Volunteers from both organisations give countless hours to improving these communities, making them better, safer places to live.

Now we’re thrilled to announce that the GAA has joined the RNLI as a strategic partner by sharing Respect the Water campaign messages to tackle a serious problem: drowning.

Every year, around 28 people accidentally drown in Irish coastal waters. Many of these deaths are preventable. That’s why we’re asking people, with the help of GAA players and clubs around the country, to Respect the Water. 

In the RNLI, the GAA sees an organisation that mirrors its core values of community activity and volunteerism. We welcome the Respect the Water campaign and its efforts to keep people safe all year round.

We want people to know what to do if they get into trouble by the water and – more importantly – how to avoid getting into trouble in the first place. 

Together, we believe we can help people enjoy the water, while making sure they come home safely every time.

Colin Regan, GAA Community and Health Manager, said: ‘Our partnership with the RNLI brings to life one of the fundamental messages of the GAA Healthy Clubs project – working with respected partners to deliver evidence-based campaigns that will help our clubs enhance the health and wellbeing of the communities we serve.’