Elliot Brown

Working together to create a watch that can withstand extreme situations, just like our lifeboat crews.

The RNLI Kimmeridge watch on the left designed for women and the RNLI Canford watch on the right designed for men. Both feature a blue face with luminous numbers and the RNLI flag.

Photo: Elliot Brown and RNLI

Elliot Brown’s special edition RNLI watches: The RNLI Kimmeridge designed for women on the left and the RNLI Canford designed for men on the right

Elliot Brown watches are designed to excel in the toughest conditions, thanks to the unique experience of co-founders and long-term friends Ian Elliot and Alex Brown, who acquired unique horological skills over many years in the world of extreme sports.

The natural durability of their watches is such that, over time, they become a talisman for professional users who repeatedly rely on them in extreme situations.

The similarities in ethos between the RNLI and Elliot Brown are many: a history centred around the water; exhaustive testing and evaluation; located in Poole; and watches built to the same kind of exacting standards as the equipment used by the RNLI’s lifesavers.

Our courageous and dependable volunteers rely on high-quality, robust equipment around the clock. And that’s what inspired Elliot Brown to work with the RNLI and develop their RNLI Canford and Kimmeridge watches.

You can read more about these special edition watches, and buy one for yourself or as a gift, at elliotbrownwatches.com.

For every RNLI special edition watch sold, Elliot Brown are donating £35 to the RNLI.