Climber Peter Stephenson

Experienced climber Peter Stephenson recalls when he slipped and fell while climbing. An accident that made him realise how easy it is to get into trouble at the coast, regardless of experience. And particularly when you don’t intend to get wet.

Climber Peter Stephenson explains why he respects the water

‘I am an experienced climber and wanted to practise before a climb of the Old Man of Hoy in Orkney. 

‘I was climbing at an area I know well, not far from my home on the Orkney mainland, and decided to do a new route, one that was a grade higher than the ascent of the Old Man. 

‘I decided to climb down and I must have slipped – I really don’t know exactly what happened at that point.

‘I think I hit a ledge below, where my wife Donna was standing, and I broke a leg. Then I fell further, landing face first and smashing my jaw on the rock below, a few metres from the sea.’

It doesn’t matter how experienced you may be, how familiar you may be with the coastline, anything can happen. That’s why I #RespectTheWater.

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