Lifejacket lockers terms and conditions

  1. To operate, insert a £1 coin into the locker door and remove the key. The £1 will be returned once the key is put back.
  2. These lockers are for the short-term storage of lifejackets and other maritime safety equipment. They are intended for visiting sailors coming ashore in tenders.
  3. These lockers are the property of the RNLI, managed in conjunction with the local Harbour Authority. The lockers are offered for use free of charge to visiting sailors on a short-term basis. They are for the storage of safety equipment only.
  4. This site is monitored by CCTV.
  5. Any items placed in these lockers are left AT YOUR OWN RISK. The RNLI accepts no liability for any loss or damage to items stored in the lockers.
  6. These lockers are not for overnight use.
  7. The RNLI and the local Harbour Authority retain the right to check any locker that has remained occupied for more than 24 hours and, where appropriate, to remove the contents for storage at another location (to be collected at the owner’s own expense). Items not collected within 3 months will be disposed of. If you wish to use a locker for longer than 24 hours, consult with the local Harbour Authority.
  8. Any property left on the floor, beside, or on top of lockers will be removed and disposed of.
  9. In case of key loss, key damage or technical problems, contact the local Harbour Authority during office hours. Lost or damaged keys will incur a charge of £5 (payable to the RNLI). There is also a further call-out fee of £30 for out-of-hours assistance.
  10. The RNLI and the local Harbour Authority reserve the right to search lockers without permission or notification.
  11. The RNLI and the local Harbour Authority reserve the right to remove property contained in a locker if the property and/or use of the locker(s) contravene these terms and conditions.
  12. Any misuse of this facility, including any damage caused (other than through fair wear and tear), will result in access being withdrawn. It may also result in full reimbursement being sought for the damage.