Funding for safer vessels

European funding is available to support equipment onboard your vessel to protect your crew’s safety. Find out how to apply, and get advice from the RNLI's safety experts.

Welsh fisherman Gareth Jones lost his life in a deck machinery accident while fishing in 2014. In the above video, Gareth’s sister Iona Hughes makes a heartfelt plea to fishermen, encouraging them to take action to improve the safety of their vessels.

Funding through the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF) is available to make safety improvements to your fishing vessel to enhance working conditions and keep you and your crew fishing safely.

The EMFF funding covers items such as liferafts, line-throwing appliances, man overboard recovery systems, deck railings, anti-slipping paint and rubber mats. See the full list of what's covered.

Apply for funding to increase the safety of your vessel and that of your crew

The following organisations can help you apply for funding from the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF).




Northern Ireland


Funding is not available yet, but is coming soon.

Take steps to stay safe

  • All crew should be fully trained on the fishing equipment they’re using.
  • Regular risk assessments should be carried out to spot hazards on deck.
  • Avoid loose clothing and toggles, which can easily get tangled in deck machinery.
  • Where possible, positive levers should be used to operate deck machinery because they cut out in an emergency when you let go. 

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Don’t be a statistic

450 RNLI lifeboat launches to commercial fishing incidents in 2016, with 743 people rescued and 27 lives saved