A female lifeboat crew member is stood in front of the sea and is looking seriously at the camera.

Nathan Williams

Will you be someone we can rely on this winter?

When the pager goes off, we don’t know who will need rescuing. It could be someone you love. And when we get that call, whatever time of day or night, we’ll answer it. Volunteers like me stand ready to rescue, 24/7.

Because the RNLI is a charity, we rely on your kind donations to give us the kit and training we need to stay safe and save lives at sea. That’s why we’re asking for your support today.

Lifeboat crew members are wearing PPE and are carrying a stretcher with a casualty on it.


Your gift today could save a life tomorrow

With more people visiting our coasts throughout the year, more people are relying on RNLI lifesavers. And we in turn are relying on top-class kit and world-class training to bring those in trouble, and our crews, home safely. Your kind gift could make this possible. 

Will you help our volunteers stand ready to answer the next call?

In 2020, for every £1 spent on charitable activities, 56p was on lifeboats, property and equipment; 27p on running the lifeboat service; 11p on lifeguard rescue; 4p on safety, education and awareness; and 2p on international drowning prevention.

If you've got any questions about our appeal, or would like to donate by phone, please call our Supporter Experience Team on 0300 300 9907 (from the UK) or 01 895 1877 (from Ireland) on weekdays, 8am–6pm.

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