November 2021

Magazine extras for Storm Force 147

Featuring pesky pirates, lovely lifesavers and some cracking Christmas cupcakes

Petey and Polly making Xmas cupcakes

Xmas cupcakes

Excited about the holidays? Have a go a making these delicious Christmas tree cupcakes. Just try not to get green icing everywhere, ok? 😂

Cupcake ingredients
Harry and his treasure map

Make a treasure map

Where would you bury treasure? It could be in a made-up place or somewhere real. Maybe it’s a chest full of gold doubloons buried on a desert island, or a box of your favourite sweets hidden somewhere at home!

Treasure Map

Rocky rescue

When a yacht with two people onboard was being smashed against rocks one August morning, our lifesavers at RNLI Salcombe headed into choppy seas and driving rain to help. Watch the action here.

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