Technology can be a lifesaver too

Here's just some of space-age tech that keeps our crews safe ...

A drone at the beach

A high-flying idea

In April 2021 NASA flew a drone on Mars, and the space agency could use drones to scout terrain on future missions. The RNLI has also experimented with drones, which could scout the conditions at a rescue scene so that our lifesavers know what kit to have on hand on arrival. When astronauts fly around the far side of the moon they’re out of radio contact. Our crews may not launch to the moon, but they can face a similar problem, and drones could help them communicate in areas where terrain makes radio communication difficult. 

Crew inside the wheelhouse of an all-weather lifeboat

One comfy seat for mankind

Astronauts aren’t the only ones who experience a bumpy ride. When a lifeboat hits a big wave at full speed it’s like hitting a concrete wall. Shock-absorbing seats, pioneered by RNLI engineers, keep crew members safe and comfortable when things get hairy. The special seats also include essential controls like throttles and a joystick. More on that below!

Crew members using SIMS

Mission control

Imagine trying to move around a lifeboat when the waves make it feel like you’re in a washing machine. There’s a stronger chance of injury in conditions like this, and if a crew member becomes injured it can put the whole mission at risk. If only crews could monitor and control the lifeboat’s functions directly from their shock-absorbing seats. Well, they can. Thanks to something called SIMS. SIMS stands for Systems and Information Management System. But we prefer ‘Safety In My Seat’, which our Tenby volunteers came up with. It’s not easy using computer equipment while bouncing in a seat, which is why the buttons are nice and big for the crews’ gloved hands. 

Boy sending an email Stormy Stan

Send us your ideas

Maybe you have a futuristic idea that could help our crews save lives at sea? Helmet-mounted visor-wipers? Crew jet-packs? Robotic aqua-dogs? Some of the best ideas start off a bit wacky. Send your ideas to Stormy’s innovation lab here.

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