Why kit matters

The right kit protects our volunteers – and allows them to focus on saving lives.

When waves lash the deck, strong sea boots stop our crews from slipping. When it’s dark and cold, thick yellow jackets keep them warm and visible. When they haul on ropes, neoprene gloves protect their skin and ensure a strong grip.

The following rescue stories show just how important it is for our volunteers to have kit they can rely upon. And these are just a few examples – all 238 RNLI lifeboat crews around the UK and Ireland have similar stories to share.

The RNLI helmet is one of my best friends. It’s lightweight and offers fantastic protection from injury, wind and spray.

* Any funds raised over and above our target will go towards funding our lifesaving work around UK and Ireland.

Rescue stories

Our target will pay for...

117 Full crew kits

3,496 Pairs of wellies

9,375 Pairs of gloves

409 Lifejackets

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Aberystwyth’s lifeboat, an Atlantic 85 called Spirit of Friendship, in rough seas with cliffs on one side.
Aberystwyth: Students cut off
Two student friends were making their way home along the coast path near Aberystwyth, when they got caught out by the tide. Kit kept the crew warm and dry ensuring the students got home safely. 
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RNLI Clifden Mersey class lifeboat Pride and Spirit 12-27 and crew
Clifden: Fish farmers stranded
Four fish farmers in Clifden Bay had just finished a morning’s work when conditions took a rapid turn for the worse. Our lifeboat crews would need decent kit to take on the weather – and give the fish farmers the help they needed.
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RNLI crew member Michael Nugent
Tynemouth: 80 miles from safety
Our crews put their lives on the line every time they go out to sea. It’s our job to give them the protection they deserve. When the crew of Tynemouth’s all-weather lifeboat powered out into the North Sea to rescue a trawlermen, it was vital their kit was up to the job.
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