Cleethorpes D-class inshore lifeboat James Burgess II D-757 crashing through the waves with lifeboat crew

Photo: RNLI/Nathan Williams

What is Mayday?

Mayday is a call for help. Usually, RNLI lifesavers answer mayday calls and rescue others. But this May, they’re asking for YOUR help. Will you answer their call?

As the beaches fill up this summer, our lifesavers will be at their busiest. With more people drawn to the water, more people will get into danger. It could be you or someone you love. Crews need to be ready and that takes lifeboats, training, kit, lifeboat stations and fuel.

Can you help get our lifesavers ready for rescue this summer? Will you take part in the Mayday Mile?

Supporter holding a Mayday yellow welly

Photo: RNLI

The Mayday Mile - what will you do?

Kick off your summer with the Mayday Mile. Walk it, run it, skate it or do it in wellies. Challenge yourself or challenge your friends. The money you raise will help get our lifesavers ready the next time they’re needed.

You can do your Mayday Mile anytime in May, wherever you want – on the beach, in the park, in the kitchen or your local swimming pool. However you do it, you’ll be joining a vibrant community of other Mayday fundraisers. Together you’ll be giving lifesavers everything they need to keep families safe this summer.

in summer more people get into danger

It’s the busiest time for RNLI lifesavers

They need your help to get ready

Will you take on the mayday mile?

Crew Member Leah in front of lifeboat looking to camera

Photo: Ceri Oakes Photography

Step by step, you make rescues like this happen

When a woman fell on rocks and broke her ankle, she relied on the local lifeboat crew to rescue her. But she was not easy to reach. The crew had to stop the engine and drag the lifeboat over submerged rocks to avoid damaging the propeller.

‘You train to stay calm in situations like this and focus on the task in hand,’ says Crew Member Leah, who helped get the woman ready for winching up into the helicopter. The funds you raise this Mayday will ensure crew members like Leah are ready for whatever this summer brings.

Will you answer our lifesavers’ Mayday call?

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