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Nine accessories for swimming in the great outdoors

There are few things as exhilarating as an open water swim. Here are nine great cold water swimming accessories to make your next swim even better than your last!

1. Aquapac RNLI Waterproof Phone Case, £20

Keep your phone safe and dry wherever your swimming adventure takes you with this RNLI-branded clear waterproof phone case.

A man holding a clear waterproof phone pouch, with RNLI printed across the front

2. RNLI dryrobe® Advance Long Sleeve, £180

The world’s most versatile change robe! The long sleeve dryrobe® will keep you warm and let you get changed in comfort while offering protection from the elements.

A woman on a beach wearing a blue and black long-sleeved changing robe

3. dryrobe® Changing Mat, £20

Love your feet! Get changed anywhere with this compact, super warm and ultra soft changing mat. You’ll wonder what you ever did without it.

A grey, soft changing mat from dryrobe

4. Swimming for Triathlon and Open Water Book, £10

Get all the advice and tips you need to become a more confident and efficient swimmer. This book includes sections on training, race tactics, nutrition and equipment.

A paperback book titled ‘Swimming for Triathlon and Open Water’ by Paul Mason

5. Zoggs Safety Buoy, £32

Introducing the Zoggs Safety Buoy – one of those sea accessories you can put on and forget about. Highly visible and with an adjustable waist belt, this safety buoy will help others see you and help keep you safe. 

An orange safety buoy with a black waist belt from Zoggs

6. Zoggs Predator Polarised Goggles, £34

These polarised anti-fog swimming goggles offer unrivalled comfort and fit, thanks to 3D flexpoints and curved lens technology. The perfect choice for your outdoor swim.

A pair of polarised anti-fog swimming goggles, in grey

7. Zoggs Silicone Swim Cap, £10

Enjoy fuss-free swimming and be super visible with a brightly coloured, one-size-fits-all, swim cap. Shaped for a superior fit and comfort and with an embossed non-slip inner surface.

Two Zoggs swimming caps, one is bright red and one is bright yellow

8. Lifesystem Sport Factor 50+Sun Cream, £8.50

Enjoy safer sea swimming with this 5-star UVA protection sun cream with jellyfish repellent. It stays on for ages and is designed for high-intensity activities, whether you’re in or out of the water.

A white and orange tube of sun cream

9. Lifeventure RNLI Recycled Wave Travel Towel, £20

Say goodbye to damp, sandy towels in your beach bag! This SoftFibre towel can absorb nine times its own weight in water, and it dries eight times faster than a standard towel – it also shakes off wet, sticky sand for a sand-free bag. This towel packs down incredibly small, so it won’t even take up much room on your next beach trip. 

A blue towel with a printed wave pattern, packed down into a small square

Having the right gear will help protect you and increase the fun factor, but it’s not enough on its own to keep you safe. Check out our swimming safety advice before you head out into the water.

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