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Ellie Jackson on the 200 Voices podcast
200 Voices an RNLI podcast

‘Come on, we must find him, we must find him’

188. Plan B: Ellie Jackson

When Dom Jackson went missing while kayaking in 2017, a 5-day search ensued. Since his death, his sister Ellie has called on others to take vital steps to keep themselves safe at sea.

It wasn’t unusual for Dom to head off on an outdoor adventure - he had an adventurous spirit - but when he failed to return home after a lone kayaking trip, Ellie knew it was serious. Lost at sea, in freezing conditions, his body was found by the RNLI after a massive search, bringing Ellie both despair and relief that he’d been brought home.

In this moving episode, Ellie talks about her determination for something positive to come from her brother’s tragic loss. She set up a charity, Plan B, to encourage adventurers to think about what they’d do if the unexpected happens, including raising awareness about Personal Locator Beacons (PLBs), which make it easier to be found in an emergency. If Dom had carried one, Ellie says, the outcome could have been different.

Ellie is an author and has written a children’s book, Sami’s Beach Rescue, about staying safe while swimming. You can download a free eBook and find her other titles at Wild Tribe Heroes.

Learn more about Plan B charity.