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Lifeguard Selim on the 200 Voices podcast
200 Voices an RNLI podcast

‘The lifeguarding service is a world-class service’

Episode 41 – Born to Save: Salim Mohammad

The lifeguard saved by lifeguarding – a Bangladesh lifesaver reveals the impact of the RNLI’s work in Cox’s Bazar.

With more than 120km of unbroken sands, Cox’s Bazar is home to the world’s longest beach. Water is everywhere in Bangladesh, and every day, 40 children drown there.

RNLI-trained lifeguard Salim Mohammad talks about what inspired him to help save lives in a country where children are frequently only steps away from danger. And explains why lifeguarding has made a positive impact not only on the locals and tourists of Cox’s Bazar, but also on himself and his family.