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RNLI Heritage Officer Dr Joanna Bellis on the 200 Voices podcas
200 Voices an RNLI podcast

‘He put a knife in his teeth like a pirate’

Episode 28 - Dr. Joanna Bellis: The Tankard with a Tale

RNLI Heritage Officer Dr Joanna Bellis on fundraising chickens, and her favourite object in the RNLI Museum collection.

When you have 200 years’ worth of stories scattered around an organisation as far-flung as the RNLI, sometimes some detective work is in order. RNLI Heritage Officer Joanna Bellis reveals how the tales behind some her favourite artefacts in the RNLI’s collection came to light.

Hear why donors couldn’t say no to a fundraising chicken. And learn why a certain silver tankard proved to be a bit of a Russian doll – inside it, lay the secret to a dramatic rescue straight from a Boys Own adventure.