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Chair of the Panje Project Khadija Shariff on the 200 Voices podcast
200 Voices an RNLI podcast

‘We’ve trained 10,000 children to swim in Zanzibar’

Episode 55 - The Road to Zanzibar: Khadija Shariff

Khadija Shariff explains how the RNLI’s mission to save every one has helped save lives as far away as East Africa.

Made up of two main islands – Unguya and Pemba – Zanzibar is a country where daily life and livelihoods are focused around the sea. Khadija Shariff explains why so many lives here are touched by drowning, whether in headline disasters like the sinking of the Spice Islander ferry, or the private family tragedies that go unrecorded. As Chair of the Panje Project, Khadija shares the hope she feels in its 10th year teaching children to swim and sharing sea safety advice. She celebrates the discoveries the team have made in partnership with the RNLI, which will help end preventable tragedies in other countries.

Learn more about the work we're doing with the Panje Project to help keep children safe in and around Tanzanian waters.