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Paddleboarder and RNLI rescuee Sheena Thompson on the 200 Voices podcast
200 Voices an RNLI podcast

‘I would never have survived without them’

Episode 82 – Cold and Alone: Sheena Thompson

When winds pushed paddleboarder Sheena Thompson further and further out to sea, she shouted to her husband, who was on shore. Worryingly, he couldn’t hear her cries for help.

While at the beach near Wick in Scotland, Sheena Thompson took her new paddleboard into the water, with the intention of staying in for just a few minutes. But the wind was much stronger than she anticipated, and she quickly started drifting out to sea. With no lifejacket or mobile phone, and too far out for her husband to hear her shouting for help, Sheena was in trouble.

Hear Sheena relive the terrifying moment when she lost control of her paddleboard. She also shares important guidance for staying safe on a paddleboard – things she wishes she had known before heading out that day.