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Nigel Millard on the 200 Voices podcast
200 Voices an RNLI podcast

‘It’s not the sun – it’s a lifeboat’

Episode 91 – Moving Pictures: Nigel Millard

The photographer who’s also a crew member – Nigel Millard on knowing when to put down his camera and pick up a rope.

There’s a reason why Nigel Millard’s photos of lifeboat rescues capture just what it’s like to be a crew member – Nigel is one of them. The award-winning photographer has been capturing the selfless work of RNLI volunteers for over 25 years, but wearing two ‘helmets’ takes careful judgement. Hear why sometimes the camera has to stay in the bag.

Nigel’s dramatic shots and candid studies can be seen in the books The Lifeboat: Courage on our Coasts and Face to Face: Ocean Portraits. But which photo is his favourite?

Visit Nigel’s website to learn more about his work.