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Betty Broocks on the 200 Voices podcast
200 Voices an RNLI podcast

‘It’s one of my passions in life’

Episode 90 – Lifeboat Lady: Betty Broocks

The lady with RNLI blood in her veins – Rye fundraiser Betty Broocks on why she devoted 55 years to the charity.

15 November marks the anniversary of the 1928 Rye Harbour lifeboat tragedy, in which the 17-strong crew of the Mary Stanford lifeboat drowned. A memorial service in honour of the crew takes place every year – the church packed with people, with more spilling outside.

200 Voices hears from Betty Broocks, 91, who lost family members in the tragedy. She was born just 3 years later, and the legacy of that loss drove Betty to become not simply a fundraiser, but now officially the RNLI’s President of all the Fundraisers. Betty is also the founder of the Lifeboat Ladies – a group of crew’s wives dedicated to saving lives at sea.