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Former RNLI Broughty Ferry crew member Robin Smith on the 200 Voices podcast
200 Voices an RNLI podcast

‘You don’t forget about it’

Episode 113 – Twist of Fate: Robin Smith

When the RNLI lifeboat Mona capsized, all eight crew members were lost. Robin Smith should’ve been on it.

In 1959, Robin Smith – who at the time was on the crew at Broughty Ferry RNLI – was due to go out on the Mona lifeboat. As he was getting the lifeboat ready for launch, the ex-coxswain arrived. But as it was the new coxswain’s first call out, it was tradition for the ex-coxswain to go with the crew. So Robin stepped back. And it was that tradition that saved his life.

Tragically, the Mona capsized, with all eight crew members losing their lives. Hear Robin talk about what happened on that fateful day, including how the last-minute change of plan was the difference between life and death.