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Helped by the RNLI, Linda Martin on the 200 Voices podcast
200 Voices an RNLI podcast

‘I was coming in and out of consciousness’

Episode 111 – Beacon of Decency: Linda Martin

The RNLI’s busiest lifeboat station isn’t on the coast – it’s on the Thames. And when Linda Martin collapsed while on a boat trip, Tower lifesavers launched for the sixth time in one day.

Linda Martin was with her daughter and grandson on a pleasure boat trip on the Thames when Linda felt faint and collapsed on the floor of the boat. She talks about her memories of that day, the calming presence of the RNLI crew who came to help – and the sense of security they gave her.

In a world where it can feel that kindness is in short supply, Linda was struck by the decency of ordinary people – and the heartening fact that the RNLI are there for anyone, whoever you are and whatever the circumstances.