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A portrait of Corinna Gallop, Senior Producer at the BBC
200 Voices an RNLI podcast

'To share a story with strangers, on camera, is a big ask'

Episode 4 – Saving Lives at Sea: Corinna Gallop

Behind the scenes of Saving Lives at Sea: what is it about the RNLI series that keeps us watching?

At once heart-warming and heartbreaking, the BBC’s Saving Lives at Sea has had us hooked for eight series. Senior Producer Corinna Gallop shares why she thinks we keep watching and explains how the programme has changed her. Hear why it’s the series she’s most proud of.

You can watch Series 8 of Saving Lives at Sea on BBC iPlayer. 

Several RNLI folk have been involved in bringing our stories to the airwaves. Hear from podcast producer Dan Holland (Episode 181) and TV producer Mali Parry-Jones (Episode 197)